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Published Articles, Presentations, Talks & Papers:
June 2005

Urban Tapestries: Public Authoring, Place and Mobility - Order
A Proboscis White Paper by Giles Lane & Sarah Thelwall

  Urban Tapestries: Project Report - Order 
A Proboscis Report by Giles Lane & Sarah Thelwall
  Urban Tapestries: Observations and Analysis - Order
A Proboscis Report by Giles Lane, Alice Angus, Victoria Peckett & Nick West
April 2005 Draft Non-profit/Non-commercial license for free access to National Mapping Agency GIS data, Giles Lane [RTF 17Kb]
February 2005 Urban Tapestries: Experimental Ethnography, Technological Identities and Place    
An LSE Electronic Working Paper by Roger Silverstone and Zoetanya Sujon
  From Urban Tapestries to Social Tapestries
PLAN Presentation by Giles Lane (PDF 604Kb)
January 2005 Urban Tapestries: The Spatial and the Social on your Mobile
A Cultural Snapshot by Nick West (A4 PDF 80Kb)
October 2004 Social Tapestries: September 2004 Creative Lab Documentation
A DIFFUSION eBook by Giles Lane & Sarah Thelwall (A4 PDF 333Kb)

Urban Tapestries: a brief introduction for Archilab 2004: the naked city
A bilingual (English/French) DIFFUSION eBook by Giles Lane & Nick West (A4 PDF 250Kb)

July 2004 Social Tapestries: public authoring and civil society
A Cultural Snapshot by Giles Lane (A4 PDF 167Kb)
  Urban Tapestries: sensing the city and other stories
A Cultural Snapshot by Katrina Jungnickel (A4 PDF 209Kb)
June 2004 Social Tapestries Postcard (A6 404Kb)
April 2004 Opening Remarks for Debate at Creative Crossings Event by Giles Lane
  Bodystorming Experience: April 2004 Event Documentation
A DIFFUSION eBook by Proboscis (A4 PDF 412Kb)
March 2004 Urban Tapestries: a brief introduction
A DIFFUSION eBook by Giles Lane (A4 PDF 164Kb)
January 2004 2004 Poster [A3 PDF 428Kb]
Presented at Approaching the City Conference, University of Surrey
December 2003 Catalogue of Ideas [A4 PDF 721Kb]
Concept Designs by Rachel Murphy
  Public Trial Postcard [A6 PDF 134Kb]
November 2003

Dimensions of Information: Location-Specific Information and Public Authoring in the Museum
Paper for CHArt Conference by Giles Lane & Rachel Murphy

October 2003 Projects & Prototypes
Presentation for Blur03 at New School University, New York by Giles Lane
September 2003 Urban Tapestries: an experiment in location-based wireless co-creativity
Draft Article by Katrina Jungnickel, Giles Lane, Rachel Murphy & Nick West
  Where History Comes Alive
Article for DigitalEveNow by Katrina Jungnickel
July 2003

Urban Tapestries
Paper for
4th Wireless World Conference by Giles Lane.


Urban Tapestries: public authoring & social knowledge
Paper for
1AD Appliance Design Conference by Giles Lane

March 2003 Project Postcard [A6 PDF 105Kb]
February 2003 Updated Visual Concept Scenario [A4 PDF 312Kb]

Press Articles, Notices & Releases

October 2004

Proboscis Probes Urban Public Authoring
Article by Howard Rheingold for The Feature

  Press Release: UT Web Browser & RSS Feeds [A4 PDF 56Kb]
September 2004 Giles Lane interviewed for NPR Radio: The World Handheld Report (17/09/2004)
  UT featured in icon magazine issue 16
July 2004 UT featured in E-Government Bulletin focus on wireless networks
  Bill Thompson's post slashdotted
  UT featured in Bill Thompson's BBC Online column
June 2004 UT featured in Society section of Le Temps, Geneva [scanned]
  UT featured in Nature Science Update
  UT Field Trial in Howard Rheingold's SmartMobs
March 2004 Location Services Change from Concept to Reality
by Eric Lin in The Feature
  Smart Places by Jack Schofield in The Guardian
January 2004 The Semantic Earth by David Weinberger in Esther Dyson's Release 1.0
  Walking Through Sound by David Toop in Vodafone Receiver featuring UT (page 3)
November 2003

Article in by Mike Grenvile

October 2003 Digicult Technology Watch Briefing 10 [PDF 652Kb]
May 2003 Article by Andrew Lee in The Engineer
  Press Release: DTI Funding [A4 PDF 144Kb]

Other Items on Urban Tapestries:

November 2004

Crossing The Line Between Mapping And Map Making
an essay on cartography mentioning UT by Saul Albert

August 2004 knowledge geography and the fourth place;
some lessons for km from urban mediascapes

an essay using UT as a case study by Ant Evans at Cass Business School, City University
July 2004

Some reflections on the Social Tapestries Cultural Snapshot by Kevin Harris of the Community Development Foundation

  UT featured as a case study in the Work Foundation's iSociety research report Proxicommunication ICT and the Local Public Realm by Will Davies
June 2004 Dan Hill on Participating in the UT Field Trial and again
May 2004 Psy.Geo.Conflux
Presentation by Nick West
January 2004 Essay by Jacques Perron, Daniel Langlois Foundation
  Masters Thesis (in Danish) by Nicolas Cederstrom, Rune Huvendick and Tau Ulv Lenskjold, IT-University of Copenhagen: interview with Giles Lane on UT (p.46 on)
December 2003 Observations on Location 'smearing' by Elizabeth Goodman
  Locustworld Article by Richard Lander
  Resident's Don't Need Signs by Kevin Harris
  Ambience Research by Kevin Walker
  Feedback Notes on UT Trial by Simon Pope

Sitelanguage: the great outdoors by Andrea Moed

July 2003 Intimations of Everyday Life: Ubiquitous Computing and the City
Paper for Cultural Studies by Anne Galloway
June 2003 Reappropriating Space by Andrew Patterson, University of Art & Design Helsinki
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